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Visitor Medical Insurance in Brampton

It is not a surprise for Bramptonians that their city Brampton is not only awarded for it floral beauty but also designated as one of the most International Safe Communities in North America by WHO.

Brampton is buzzing with excitement not only due to Mayoral Race but the festival season for South Asian community is at its top and lot of travel is happening to and fro from Brampton, as a matter of fact it is of utmost importance that visitors and travelers both remain diligent in protecting their health during their stay in and outside Brampton.

Bramptonians need to know how to protect themselves from any sickness or accidental injury that may occur during their stay in the country they are visiting.

Visitor insurance which is also called visitor medical insurance is a short term medical insurance policy which protects you from any financial loss which may arise from medical emergencies during your stay in Canada.

Visitor insurance is the best option for anyone visiting Brampton or anyplace in Canada; they may be tourists, international students, and new immigrants or supervise applicants.

Want to Visit Canada worry-free?

Visitor Assurance is absolutely committed to provide you the best protection/medical insurance coverage as per your medical needs during your stay in Canada. At Visitor Assurance we provide you with the most competitive rates without compromising your interests.

Not only are you protected in Brampton but your trips to other provinces and the USA are also covered.

You should purchase the Visitor to Canada plan before you enter Canada, but it can be purchased on arrival as-well, but certain conditions may apply, for example if you purchase your Visitor medical insurance coverage on the date of arrival, coverage may be effective on the date of purchase for accident/injuries but for illness, coverage can start after few days of your stay in Brampton/Canada.

Can newcomers to Canada buy private health insurance?

For sure, newcomers like PR card holders are not covered by OHIP for their initial stay of three months in Ontario, so buying visitor medical insurance policy is a very good idea for them to remain protected during this period.

There are many people living in Brampton who are not covered by OHIP at all, so purchasing private health insurance must be a top priority for them.

What is covered under Emergency Visitor Medical Insurance?

This is an emergency medical insurance, and the policy holders are covered for most of theirhealth related expenses, but NOT for all. For example, pregnancy related expenditure is not covered by most of the companies. It is your duty to discuss your needs with your insurance advisor so that you get the best possible plan.

Some insurance companies provide the coverage only if you buy the insurance plan within certain days after your arrival in Canada.

Where in Brampton Can I buy the Visitor Insurance Plan?

There are many insurance advisors in Brampton, who will sell you the plan, but your main concern is to find a place where your needs are taken care of with prudence and compassion. Visitor Assurance is the place in Brampton to buy a visitor medical insurance, the decision you will never regret.


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