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Travel Insurance for Canadian


* All our rates are subject to change anytime. You should always refer to the rates of our issuers if you have any discrepancy. You can also contact us and one of our skilled advisors will get you the final quote based on any outside factor that is not covered by this portal.

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Really r u serious…if I get sick…

Yes, we are serious. At Visitor Assurance, we take traveling very seriously as this is an essential part of our day to day life.

If you are in Brampton/Canada, chances are high that many of your loved ones are living in some far off countries and for you travelling is a necessity rather than a hobby. With changing times every sector of economy has seen a tremendous shift in global dynamics, and health sector is no exception. We have interviewed many people in Brampton about their experience during their travel outside Canada, and almost everyone remarked that health care in home country or anywhere else has become very expensive and if you fall sick or get injured during that time, your finances can very easily take a nose- dive and can unsettle you financially for many years to come.

Having most suitable travel insurance protection in case of a medical emergency is as important as good planning, rather for us it is the most important part of travel planning. In Brampton, the immigrant population is getting aware of the consequences of NOT having good travel insurance policy.

It is always desirable that you familiarize yourself with the basics of travel insurance before purchasing a medical travel insurance policy. For example, what is travel insurance, what kinds of coverages available and the situations under which this can be detrimental for you?

What is Travel Insurance?

Essentially, travel insurance helps you protect your financial health against any unforeseen happening that can occur during your trip. It can be as minor as a fever and as devastating as an automobile accident.

Kinds of Plans

There are various types of travel insurance plans and different companies offer different plans like:-

  • Annual Plan
  • Single Trip Plan (most popular)
  • Accidental death and dismemberment plan
  • Non-medical packages
  • Trip cancellation and interruption plan
  • Holiday packages (all inclusive)

Single trip and annual/multi trips plans are the most common and popular ones. Every travel insurance plan will have general exclusions. It is very important for you to review benefit specific and general exclusions carefully so that you know well in advance as what is covered and what is not.

Do Not Forget to Inform your Travel Insurance Provider About A Treatment

Generally speaking travel insurance providers need to be notified about any medical treatment immediately and sometimes within 24 hours. Not doing so may reduce your claim amount. The rule of thumb is that you read your policy wording carefully and if you have any doubt or confusion, do not hesitate to ask your travel insurance advisor/agent.

Every travel has different associated risks, so it will be prudent for you to understand the nature of your trip well in advance and purchase the travel insurance policy which caters your needs the best.

No action can substitute the value of due diligence. You should buy your travel insurance policy days before your actual date of travel, this will not only avoid any last minute confusion but you will also have enough time to look for the travel insurance policy which suits your needs the best.

Not I, Not Anyone Else
Can Travel That Road For You
You Must Travel
It For Yourself
…Walt Whitman

But we, at Visitor Assurance can make this travel easier.

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How To Apply?

It's quite simple to apply to get your Travel Insurance.

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  2. Select a Plan
  3. Review Coverage
  4. Ask adviser to finish the purchase.

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