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Do You Need a Super Visa Insurance?

Posted - 15-May-2019

Need to visit your grandkids in Canada this year? Do you wish there’s an easier way to visit and stay longer without the need to renew your visa? Since 2011, the Super Visa program has been providing help for people who need to visit their children or grandchildren in Canada. It is a multiple entry visa which lets parents and grandparents visit up to two years. read more

What if you do not buy a Travel Insurance Policy?

Posted - 15-May-2019

what a great piece of wisdom. Every year, I prefer to go to a place where I have never been before and during one of my trips I realized that traveling with no regrets also means not to have “what ifs”. No doubt, adventure lies in uncertainty but NOT in the fear of losing one’s financial independence. read more

Don’t Give Reasons to Insurers to Deny your Claim

Posted - 15-May-2019

Don’t Give Reasons to Insurers to Deny your Claim. There is a myth that insurers routinely deny claims: This is a general feeling among masses that insurers honor claims of those only who fight back. The fact of the matter is that 90% of all the travel insurance claims submitted are paid. read more

Visitor Medical Insurance in Brampton

Posted - 15-May-2019

It is not a surprise for Bramptonians that their city Brampton is not only awarded for it floral beauty but also designated as one of the most International Safe Communities in North America by WHO. read more


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