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International Medical Insurance for students in Canada


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Are you arriving Canada as an International student, your state insurance protection may not accompany you; you need to protect yourself against all medical emergencies here in Canada.

This becomes even more important as Canadian health services are much more expensive as compared to the other parts of the world. It is almost impossible for an average international student to bear the financial cost of these medical services on her/his own.

International Students Travel Insurance: What is it?

International students are a kind of visitors to Canada, who are going to stay here exclusively for attaining higher education. The basic purpose of International student insurance is to protect the student from unexpected financial burden arising from medical emergencies.

This health insurance coverage not only takes care of expenses arising due to hospitalization, treatment, surgery and other associated expenses in Canada but it also protects you during your side-trips provided you are covered during the trip.

International Students Travel Insurance: Who Needs It?

Being new to Canada you will primarily focus to get a foot-hold in Canadian society and devote your time and energy fully to complete your academic goal. Medical emergencies in Canada being so expensive can put you off-track so it is high time for you to have international student health coverage to continue your studies without worrying for the worst.

This insurance coverage is perfect for you if:

You are enrolled in full time course in an authorized Canadian academic institution.

You are not covered by any provincial health plan. (For example OHIP)

You are trying to get work experience in the field directly related to your study-program, provided you have just finished it.

Till the time you are eligible for provincial health coverage, it will be prudent to get protected by private insurance plan specially designed for international students which will make your stay here in Canada carefree.

International Students Travel Insurance: Requirements

The insurance requirements for International students are not always in black and white, it is extremely important for you to read the policy booklet before you buy any coverage.

The highlights you should be looking for in your private health insurance are:

  • It is crafted specially for International students
  • Covers treatment, hospitalization, emergency medical care and repatriation
  • is being sold by a licensed Canadian insurance provider

To provide you with best coverage, we have left no stone unturned and have association with reliable and trusted Canadian insurance companies which can provide you insurance coverage exactly to suit your special needs.

Features of the Canadian travel and medical insurance coverage vary as per the plan of your choice. Kindly, note that the international student insurance is solely crafted to cover the cost of medical emergencies only, with certain exceptions.

Special Features of International Students Insurance:

It is highly recommended that you read the policy wording carefully to make yourself aware/familiar with special features of the insurance plan you have chosen.

  • Up to $2,000,000 worth of coverage for emergency medical care and hospitalization.
  • Up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement if you cannot complete your program due to a medical condition
  • Annual Physical Check Ups.
  • Coverage for eligible spouse and dependent children.
  • Eye Examinations and Vaccinations.
  • Enhanced Pregnancy Coverage up to $10,000.
  • Coverage for Tutorial Services.

General Benefits of International Students Insurance:

Please find below a summary of benefits from all Travel Health Insurance Plans for International Students coming to Canada.

International Students Canada travel health insurance plans provide a comprehensive coverage for various medical emergency procedures including dental repair, wisdom teeth removal, prescription medication, paramedical services of chiropractor, surgeon, physician, osteopath and much more.

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